maybe i talk too much for my own good

Maybe I talk too much for my own good
and he too little for his own,
but between us there is always
computer clicks
or cell phone screens
or the radio that yatters
and even if the cat meows
he goes first to that.
I stand and sink into myself,
sit and and speak woes in my head-
of marriage,
and modernity,
and what their union's bred.


  1. I hear that loud and clear. Sometimes I'll look up from my computer screen and see my man across the room on his computer and it's like "what is happening here?"

  2. you have a clever way with words. do keep writing, dear. =]

  3. Maybe you need to instigate some "power outage nights" or "computer free nights" or even weekend days where you can't have cell phones or computers or tvs or radios. Can't do much about the cat except throw him outside. Then you have to read to each other or whatever. Hey, at least Nathan doesn't play video games...........


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