Firenze the Fine (Art Come to Life)

Church bells;

In the morning and
Again at lunch and
Again at sunset,
Ringing away
All the pigeons
Who settle on
Your statues.

Those statues!

Casting their shadows,
Silhouettes that look
Too alive,
Making me catch my breath in my throat

Like the city itself;

You always made me
Catch my breath.

Pedestrian street in Florence


  1. What gorgeous (and delicious!) photos! I love the lens flare in one of them. And such a pretty girl in a pink dress :)

  2. Oh I just adore Florence as well. My husband's family are Italian and we have been very lucky to spend a lot of time there. Florence is one of my favourite cities - Siena, Rome and Verona are my very favourites and I would have to say Venice because that's the husbie's dream place to be. x

  3. I'm totally going there one day.

    Also, you and your husband are a darling couple. Just thought you ought to know.

  4. Beautiful poem! I love the nun on the bike.

  5. These pictures are really amazing! Florence is such a beautiful place. Definitely on my travel list ;)

    en la moda


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