Letters of Complaint, vol.4

Aug 30, 2008

Dear Laziness,

I like you, I really do. You help me to finish books in 24 hours, and to watch whole seasons of shows in mere days. It's you that makes my fuzzy robe just too comfortable to take off at all, and my bangs just not yet greasy enough to wash. You help me to just. not. care. And I thank you for it.
That being said, I am an adult after all. Sometimes it gets a little silly, this putting off schoolwork/housework thing. Why don't we set up a schedule, you and I? We'll each pick certain days, and that way the week will be wonderfully balanced.
I really dont feel like doing it right now, though. Remind me later, k?

All the best,
Your Captive


  1. I love my laziness too! Sometimes we deserve to lie on the couch with a tv tray and just not think.


  2. Ahhh laziness... I love you too. I miss you. Life has been way too busy for me. Do you think you could stop by and give me a break?

  3. I definitely have a love/hate relationship with my laziness. Unfortunately, it usually gets the best of me...at least lately. I hope that we can all work out a schedule.

    I continue to love your blog btw.


  4. ha i hear ya, i just finished a season of house in...a think 5 days?

  5. I do the same with shows - watch them all at once - and do nothing else!

  6. You are hilarious. Love your posts.

  7. I'm the same way. I haven't figured out this whole responsible adult thing yet. There is way to much lazy fun to be had -- like watching an entire season of a tv series. ;)

  8. Thanks for the comment :) I'll be following!

  9. haha I love your letters of complaint! So so true!


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