Letters of Complaint, vol.2

Aug 30, 2008

Dear People Whose Cellphones Call Me Accidentally,

Sometimes my phone will ring while I'm putting in my contacts in the bathroom, and I'll think it must be something important, so I rush out (blurry-eyed) to answer. But really it's not important, it's just rustling and clicking and your muffled voice and...someone else's?
This really inconveniences me, as then I have to continue to listen out of sheer morbid curiousity. Will something exciting happen that I will be privy to? 
You know, I might have missed other very important calls while I sat listening to the beep-beep of your bum pressing random buttons.
Please don't think this is a complaint against you because of your phone calling me, it's an accident after all, and how could I get angry over such a thing? However, at the very least, have the decency to say something juicy while I am listening so that I can lord it over you later.

Your Faithful Listener


  1. Part two of a segment I find highly comical. Keep them coming.

    With Enjoyment,

    Blace @ tiny altars

  2. My favorite is when they call in the middle of the night.

  3. It's even more annoying when you miss the call and have a 20 minute voicemail of pocketnoise with no good gossip.

    My worst personal experience of this though, was when I was dancing around my kitchen, dancing and singing a song by The Smiths (I wish I could remember which one!). I took my phone out of my pocket and noticed it had called my friend had been running for about 10 minutes. He wasn't on the end of the line, and I'd left him a voicemail. I had to quickly text him and ask him to delete the voicemail without listening. I still don't know whether he ever listened to it or not! Oh the shame...

    Haha x

  4. haha aw man. such whit goin on over here.
    love it.

  5. Is this a weekly feature? If so it's the best weekly feature I've ever heard of.

  6. Hahaha. Um. this made me giggle like crazy! Especially because you admit to listening to the pocket dialer. I totally do the same thing! hahha. I hope your having a good day:)

  7. Heather - maybe not weekly, but it is a new feature. I do dearly love complaining, after all.

  8. This is hilarious! && SO TRUE! :)



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